Our Members Enjoy:

  • Guaranteed Sailing
  • Unlimited Sailing opportunities!
  • Flexibility
  • Freedom to Cruise the Bay
  • Sailing with Friends and Family
  • Resort setting and marina amenities
  • Discounts on Courses and Events
  • Great sailing destinations
  • Club events

Message Board and Crew Opportunities

Members may post messages to others in the club to find crew of offer help.

Guaranteed Sailing:

Members join on a specific boat and are guaranteed seven times out on that boat every month. Even weekend time is guaranteed.

Members may save up time and use it all at once, or you may spread out your days. You do not lose your time if you do not take it during one month, you may use it latter in the season.

Unlimited Sailing:
We want our members to sail as much as they want. That is why we have "unlimited unscheduled sailing". Members may book a boat within 24 hours of use and it will not count against their guaranteed time!


If your boat is booked, take out a smaller school boat for no extra charge!

Freedom to Cruise:

Take the yacht over night or on a several-day cruise. From our base, destinations such as Annapolis, St. Michael's, Solomons Island, Galesville and Oxford are all within a day sail.

Resort Setting:

With just one visit, we think you will agree that our marina is one of the most beautiful destinations on the bay. Swimming pools, tennis course, work out room, customer lounges, well kept clean bathrooms, dockside dinning, etc.

Sail With Friends and Family:

You are not limited to sailing with club members. You may take anyone with you that you would like. It is like having your boat waiting at the dock for you.

Discounts on Courses and Events
Members receive a discount on all courses taught by The Sailing Academy and on all special events.

Great Sailing Destinations:

All of the following are within a day sail from our base:

    • Annapolis
    • Solomons Island
    • St. Michael's
    • Oxford
    • Galesville
    • Cambridge
    • Tilghman Island

Club Events:

Events such as our Delmarva Circumnavigation will help you build your sailing skills. Join a special clinic or try your hand at racing.